Seven things that make Davao City unique

Today, we are lucky that more domestic flights have opened…and my, they’re getting cheaper and cheaper! These are only a few of the reasons why you should never miss out on the best places in the country. One of these places is a gem down south: Davao City.

Davao City is, by far, the biggest city in the entire country. There are a lot to love in this city. Lucky you, we’ve scaled them down to 7 so read on.

1. Cheap Fresh Produce

If you like fresh fruits and vegetables, then you should really hit Davao City’s public markets (which are cleaner than other city’s, by the way). You will be surprised how low the prices go!

2. Clean Water

Enjoying downtown Davao? Chilling in a mountain resort? Sunning out in the beach? Whatever your day’s itinerary may be, don’t forget to hydrate! If you’re in Davao, this is truly no problem since potable water is easily available everywhere. Imagine how much hassle and savings that could bring you.

3. Clean Surroundings

Cruise downtown with your windows open and you’ll breathe in fresh air, and see that the streets are truly clean.

4. Negligible Traffic

Aside from the fact that everything (malls, hospitals, schools, banks, stores) are only 5-10 minutes away from each other, traffic is also not a big problem in Davao City. Bonus: streets here are wide, too!

5. 24/7 Food Stops

It seems like the Dabawenyos are fond of eating..really. In Davao, you will see many 24/7 food stops that serve all-day breakfast treats, pasta, and the new trend: designer burgers.

6. Superb Safety

At first it might catch you off-guard— seeing people walking down the streets texting or wearing expensive (or at least expensive looking) jewelry. Here, crime rate is very low and substance abuse is also very minimal. Don’t be fazed; that’s just the way Davao is. You can thank our Mayor!

7. Islands to Highlands

You in for the best vacation treat of your life? Davao City can take you from islands to highlands in no time. In fact, you can take your breakfast in a mountain resort, head to the beach and enjoy a day with the sun, sand and sea, and finally cap off the night in a downtown homegrown restaurant. Nightlife is also alive during the weekends.

Aren’t you just itching to visit Davao City? You may start planning your trip now!