Why London is One of the Top Cities in Europe

London is one of Europe’s largest cities which is spread across a region of more than 620 square miles from its staple on R. Thames. Ethnically, it is also Europe’s most varied metropolis and around 200 languages are spoken in its boundaries and more than 30% of the inhabitants are made of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants.

Despite Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish devolution, the city of London still governs the national horizon. It is where the central government lives and provincial life starts past the circuit of the town’s orbital boulevard as far as its populaces are concerned. Below are some of reasons why London is one of the top cities in Europe.

The city of London has three key central business districts which are London City, Canary Wharf in Docklands and West End. London is the biggest business and largest district in Europe. In addition, the city is one of the world’s key political, business and cultural centres. It is a frontrunner in international politics, finance, entertainment, communications, arts and fashion and has substantial influence worldwide. It is widely known to be the world’s major global towns and it has been a key settlement for about 2000 years.

London being the capital of England is a great place to go shopping and mix with the upper class in tiara triangle around Harrods. Alternatively, you can sample the offbeat weekend bazaars of Portobello, Greenwich. Clubbing, music and lesbian/gay scenes are a second to none. The typical art is exciting, with consistent opportunities to catch brilliant dance troupes, theatre companies, opera and exhibitions. Restaurants present in London are also a major attraction. London nowadays is at par with other European cities when it comes to restaurants. The city has three star Michelin establishments, Chinese restaurants and even Indian curry houses. Thus, whichever country you are from, you will not be left behind in the delicacies.

London as a city is an international transport core as well as a major tourist terminus, counting iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge, Houses of Legislative body and Buckingham Palace amongst its numerous attractions. In addition, it has many other famous institutions like the National Gallery and British Museum.

London draws many tourists not only to see the well-known attractions off the West End, theatres, shopping streets, cinemas, hotels, nightclubs and restaurants, but also its historical treasures like Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliament.

Monuments from the cities past are everywhere for an individual visiting to see. They range from churches of Christopher Wren and medieval banqueting halls to Eclectic Victorian architecture of triumphalist British Empire. In addition, you will enjoy a lot from the towns quiet Georgian squares, the riverside walks, the quirks and narrow alleyways of the town’s.

Generally, London is a historic city that any person will be amazed while visiting. It has everything to offer for any individual including top quality hotel accommodation. The tourists in London will be fascinated by medieval architecture shown in the Palace known as Buckingham. This explains why London is one of the top cities in Europe. You will not be let down while visiting this city.