The Lazy Man’s Guide To Holiday Heaven

Everyone knows that women are the ones who are really in charge – ever heard the phrase ‘under the thumb?’ It applies to a lot of men, but then, that’s just how they like it. Women are the organizers, the planners, the ones who make things happen, it seems, whilst men sit back and enjoy the ride. If you’re a lethargic male looking forward to your summer holiday, follow our lazy man’s guide to holiday heaven and you could be jetting off sooner than you think!

Take Small Steps

No woman wants to feel like she’s doing all the work whilst you sit back and watch the telly, so take small steps to make it look as if you’re actually helping out. There are a few bits of kit you can pick up online from the comfort of your own sofa; you barely even need to move a muscle. You’ll appear thoughtful, interested and helpful and gain some points with your partner.

Get Shopping

Shopping is an evil word to most men, but with the advent of online shopping there really is no excuse to not pitch in and enjoy it! Okay, so enjoy is maybe too much, but just think; no battling Saturday’s high street crowds, no queuing in Primark, no endless toiling for the perfect present. Do it online! A great place to start when organizing a holiday is your luggage. Your 1980’s battered suitcase that has been following you across the globe since you were 10 is all well and good, but it’s not exactly stylish, is it? Why not invest in some of the latest Briggs and Riley luggage, available at online retailers. Their range of explorer bags come with wheels, so you can even be lazy about carrying your luggage once you make it to the airport! With a few clicks of your mouse, a shiny new Briggs and Riley case could be making its way to your doorstep. Why not push the boat out and order a new case for her whilst you’re at it? There are plenty of pretty, funky cases out there; Samsonite does a great range of colors, so pick something really unusual!

Let Her Organised

Many men hate the idea of planning and organizing, but women love to do this, so let her do what she does best! Put the kettle on and make her a cup of tea (come on, it’s not that hard!) whilst she browses holiday brochures and hunts online for the perfect accommodation for your two week trip to Morocco. Be supportive and enthusiastic, smile and nod, then flick on the TV, sit back and enjoy the football whilst she organises your dream break.

Don’t be too Lazy!

Remember though, there’s a fine line between being lazy and overdoing it. When she asks you the week before the holiday to check where your passport is, do it. Don’t leave it until 9 am on the day of the flight and then dolefully announce you haven’t been able to find it. The little things are important. Passport, camera, suitcase – let her worry about everything else! If you’re feeling energetic enough you could get off the sofa and carry out one final, helpful task – charge the gadgets. Men are usually quite good at remembering to do this, so make your girlfriend proud and show some initiative.

Relax on Holiday

Of course, laziness doesn’t stop once you get off the plane – sun drenched beaches, bustling spice markets and camel rides are all waiting for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to do anything overly energetic like read the guidebook or plan your day. Let your lady take the reins and plan an exciting itinerary for your holiday – just smile and go along with what she wants to do. Life’s easier when you’re a lazy man!