5 Places To Visit in Cornwall to Avoid the Crowds and Find Tranquillity

Cornwall is a beautiful destination in the southwest of the UK that can be the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy the scenery in peace. The Greenbank hotel in Falmouth is a perfect example of a unique, peaceful water facing hotel. However, if everyone else has the same idea, you might end up with less peace and serenity that you had planned. They key to finding tranquillity in Cornwall is to avoid the crowds and seek out some of the off the beaten path locations that don’t make the tourism guide books. Here are the top five places to visit to avoid the crowds in Cornwall.

1. Watch the Sunset at Cot Valley

Cot Valley

Cot Valley (Photo by Chris Gornell)

In West Cornwall is a small area where the river meets the sea. Once a mining village, Cot Valley today is nearly empty save for a youth hostel and a handful of local homes. Although it is a mere half-mile hike from St. Just, you won’t find crowds here. Go birdwatching, admire the secluded beach in stillness or enjoy one of the most incredible sunsets in the United Kingdom from a private vantage point along the coast.

2. Go Fishing in Penberth Cove

This breathtaking cove on Lands End Peninsula makes visitors feel like they are stepping back in time. The fishing village looks remarkably similar today to pictures from 100 years ago, but the one major difference is that the local fishing boats are now towed onshore by an electric winch. The best time to visit Penberth Cove is in the summer at dawn. Dozens of fishermen board their boats, and they come back to shore with a county of lobster, crabs and mackerel.

3. Visit the Barbara Hepworth Museum in St Ives

Travelers in St Ives tend to focus on the Tate Museum, but the smaller Barbara Hepworth Museum and gallery is a delightfully less crowded alternative for art lovers. The museum is actually in the former home of the artist, and a quiet walk through the grounds means that you can see what was once her art studio, her private garden and even her earliest paintings.

4. Hike From the Camel Trail to Blisland

The Camel Trail is a 17-mile path that runs from Padtsow to Bodmin in Cornwall. While beautiful, it is used by more than 35,000 people annually. Escape these crowds by hiking from the northern end of the trail right up to the village of Blisland. The hike is challenging but peaceful, and you will be rewarded by the charming inns and beautiful Norman church in the village of Blisland.

5. Uncover the Lost Church of Perranporth

Perranporth may be a popular beach in Cornwall, but few people ever venture away from the coast in search of the lost church. A marker stands to commemorate the patron saint of Cornwall and the church he founded in the 17th century.

Cornwall is a beautiful destination, but getting stuck in the crowd can make it feel anything but peaceful. Get off the beaten track and find some tranquility with these five suggestions.